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Laser Cut Decorative Fence Panels Aluminium Garden Fence


Laser Cut Decorative Fence Panels Aluminium Garden Fence

Product No.:2024114201252


Panel Height:Different size is available, welcome to be customized.

Panel Width:Different size is available, welcome to be customized.

Post Style:Square

Material:Stainless Steel,Aluminum, Iron,Galvanized

Finishing:Sand Blasted, PVC Coating

Place of Origin:High anti-corrosion resistance,High-tech design,Variety of colours

Size:Room Divider,Partition Screen, Laser Cut Screen,Sliding/ Folding Screen ,Wall Panel Screen

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★Are you looking to set your house apart from your neighbours or others on your block? Or perhaps you are a business, school, university or public building owner looking to showcase some creative flair, align with your goals or branding, or attract new customers?
Why not consider a custom fence or gate from Feature Fencing? We are the specialists in producing custom gates and fences that are eye-catching, durable and long-lasting.With decorative laser cut fencing, our clients can either send us the preferred pattern or design they would like to include in their fence or gate. We will then assemble the fence or gate and install it for you at a time that is convenient to you!

★Advantages of Decorative Fences and Gates

laser cutting fence
aluminum fencing
garden fence
privacy fencing
· Eye-catching – First impressions matter for businesses and your fence and gate might be the first thing your customers (or potential customers) will see when they enter. If you are the owner of a plant nursery, for example, a gorgeous gate with a plant or flower design could help to catch the eye of those walking/driving past and highlight your products and services.
· Privacy and functionality – Our decorative laser cut fences and gates help to create privacy and a little bit of shade for homeowners and businesses without completely cutting off views or ventilation.
· Increase property value – If you are thinking about selling your property in the future, a one-of-a-kind custom fence could attract potential buyers and help you to increase the value of your home before a sale.
· Great customization potential – At Feature Fencing, we have the state-of-art equipment and tools needed to create a very wide variety of shapes and designs of decorative gates and fences.
It has the original styling and is characterized by the developed design with delicate thin gaps. They are irregular, which results in the visually interesting effect. The fence is definitely intended for the brave individuals who seek extraordinary solutions. This fence will attract everybody’s attention.
outdoor metal screen
garden security system
1.Easy to install decorative screen panels
2.Up and down can add color light will improve the performance
3.Good whiteness,transparency, refractivity and hardness
4.Variety of colours
Fabricating Method
Laser cutting hollow-out, Cutting, Welding, Hand Polishing
Customized Design available
metal fence
decorative fence panels
garden laser cutting fence
1. Decorative Living Room, Hotel, Bar, etc.
2. Indoor and outdoor public space backdrop
3. Elevator cabin, handrail,living room, background wall, ceiling, Kitchen equipment
4. Specially for bar,club,hotel,bath center,villa,shopping mall.

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